July 26, 2015

the week-end

Friday aka dad day came and everyone was happy to be one big family again. I finished up some more hats. I took my car in to be fixed (needs new brakes) but they will have to do it next week. They said I should be okay with light driving until then. Thankfully I have no desire to go anywhere next week.

Shorty's - Bandon Dunes

Saturday I took my time running errands alone- coffee, picking up our CSA goodies, farmer's market, library. Jeff played catch with the kids, we grilled out for dinner, and then watched Cast Away since Gray has been playing a video game about being stranded on a deserted island and kept asking to watch it. We prepped them a lot for what to expect and I had Ivy chat with me during some things I thought she might not want to see. Before the tooth extraction scene I told her what was going to happen (he's going to remove his tooth and then he falls and goes to sleep for a bit) and she said "so the tooth fairy can come?" I promise she's totally mature enough for this movie but gosh that was precious. They all got teary when Wilson drifts off. Because they are human.

Shorty's - Bandon Dunes

Today we had our big breakfast and then headed out to play Shorty's at Bandon Dunes. It's just 9 holes and I was Gray's caddie. The weather was perfect. We came home and I actually took a little nap, which never happens. And it's time for dad to leave again.

(days 45-46-47)

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  1. Love this...Carter looks like a man standing there. I have laughed til I cry about Ivy's comments on the movie.


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