July 30, 2015

the right thing

I posted this pic on my mom's FB today for her birthday. It was taken eight years ago during her bday celebration in Chicago.

Today was library story time for Ivy and I went to the grocery store- twice- which is not all that unusual for me. I hosted book club here for the first time and only two people showed up- including me.

We read The Turner House (I loved it) and then spent the whole time talking about our news feeds and #BlackLivesMatter and how with each year, each week, it's just more unbelievably heartbreaking. We are ready to do the work and need to figure out just what that work is where we are right now. I feel like everyone has something to say but I've yet to really see anyone say the right thing. And I'm beginning to think there is no right thing to say. We have just got to get to doing and being the right things. How I desperately hope I am raising my kids to keep the blinders off and their hearts open wide for social justice.

(day fifty-one)

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