July 11, 2015

that we should just pretend

This morning I was excited to head down to get my first CSA pick up of the summer from a little program the grocery store does with local farmers. Blueberries, corn, and cucumbers were my top picks. I came home and made a big breakfast for the kids and then we had a water balloon and squirt gun fight in the yard. When it was over Jeff announced that we should just pretend that no one got mad and that we all had fun. Everyone was friends again five minutes later.

Jeff and I had an outdoor lunch date in old town. We came home and chilled until it was time to get ready to see our friends in a play. Carter & Ivy opted out of this one earlier this year because we weren't sure of our schedule with moving and all. It was fun for them to be in the audience and to see their friends again.

(day thirty two)

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  1. Sounds like a fun day...water balloons, lunch date and a play...


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