July 21, 2015

stash & scraps

I have been waking earlier lately and do enjoy a quiet morning before everyone else wakes up. Today I made waffles for the week and then decided to work through knitting up my yarn stash & scraps. I know many people having babies and little hats are perfect. I made a few today while watching The Truman Show and random shows on the dvr. Later I made dinner and chocolate chip cookies. We watched E.T. and the kids loved it. It was better than I remembered. Two nights in a row that they've clapped at the end (last night we watched Song of the Sea- loved!) Then I had a phone date with a friend, feeling bittersweet that I have to actually set appts to chat with friends but I'm glad we did. We are all busy with life, and that's good! But I miss my people, too. 

(day forty two)

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  1. Sounds like a great day. I loved watching E.T. I will have to check out Song of the Sea.


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