July 14, 2015

quality "time"

Salon cat

As we all sat around our big dining table Sunday morning for blueberry pancakes we realized that since Jeff has been away, our quality family time has greatly increased when he is home on the weekends. It's like a vacation every time, all our meals are family meals around the table. No rushing. We play and hang together. We make the moments count more when we know they are few. So, while it's hard to be apart, we are seeing some good things in it. And we vow to keep this up when we're all under the same roof for good again.

Yesterday I had a hair appointment and enjoyed having my stylist's cat in my lap the whole time. I had brought my knitting, but cats beat knitting. We did another major house clean up because birthday celebrations had boxes and stuff everywhere and I want to be ready in case of a showing anytime soon. The house has never been so easy to clean since we are cleaning all the time. In my head I'm kind of making a vow to keep that up, too.

(days thirty-three & thirty four)


  1. What a pretty kitty...love the eyes. I love to hear about the good things going on and quality time...

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