July 9, 2015

just about right


We are a third of the way through the summer and I don't know how to feel. In a way I think it's going too fast. But then I remember all four kids will be in school all day this fall and that sounds like something new that I can look forward to and so I guess the pace of summer is going just about right.

For sure I am so so glad it's nowhere close to being over.

Yesterday everyone was on each other's nerves and it seemed the perfect time to take Carter & Gray to the youth center to get away (from Ivy) for a bit. They played basketball and hung out with other kids while we had some quiet time at home. Gray did help me bake some incredibly delicious banana muffins, and we made another batch with mini chocolate chips today. Last night we stayed up late- again- watching Cake Wars and Poor Little Rich Girl. Gray loves cooking shows and Ivy loves black and white movies. We caught a fawn eating my roses just outside my bedroom window! It was an exciting night.

This morning we got up barely in time to get Ivy to library class. But we made it and I picked up a bunch of great books from the book sale.

Today is also Carter's last day of being 12, or in his words, "my last day of being a kid." I have some presents to wrap and an ice cream cake to pick up in the morning. I will be a mom to two teens. The pace of parenthood needs to slow itself down. (days of summer: 29 and 30)

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  1. This girl cracks me up...She is such a little Steph!


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