July 1, 2015

July and Day 22

Well, we made it to July. And oh man I am having the hardest time getting my kids to bed. The sun doesn't go down until so late here. I know it's summer but we need sleep. Today we trekked up to Coos Bay to do some shopping to stock the pantry. I realized that I haven't crossed the bridge to leave Bandon in almost three weeks. It's nice to stay here on our little pretend island sometimes. Soon enough we'll be heading back up to Seattle so I'm cherishing all this time out of the car.

Jeff comes home tomorrow night and I can always sense I need to get to the end of my shift with the kids- soccer balls flying through my living room and fighting and "you bit me!" and "no I didn't!" and "then why were your teeth on my arm?" - I made everybody sit together and watch a movie. I put on Nacho Libre and have no idea why they thought it was so funny but glad they did. Then they all bonded over Siri and asking her dumb questions. And finally, they went to bed. (day twenty-two)


  1. I never heard of that movie...I will have to check it out...

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