July 3, 2015

It's a great place to be

Hair cuts

Yesterday dad came home! So, the kids have magnetized themselves to him since and I don't mind at all. We did have a nice talk about where we are right now, and where we aren't, and I feel like I have a better focus now. This in-between time is just not going to do. So, right now I am here. And until that changes, I will have my focus here. We will plan for our summer to be spent here. When we think about school starting in the fall, we will plan to go here. And yes, we're still moving when the house sells, but that is someday. Right now we are here and for this I am very thankful and happy. I like this right now.

Today we went to see Inside Out. We all loved it. I took the boys for hair cuts. We came home and I prepared a ton of food for tomorrow- we're having friends over and will have a feast. I can't wait.

(days twenty-three and twenty-four)


  1. Love their new look...Why does Carter look like a mini man....You are handling the uncertainty very well. I am proud of you!

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