July 17, 2015

I must note the "sacred Cheeto"

We made it to Friday!

Tuesday we headed up to Salem as part of our bi-monthly trek to Seattle. So many big thanks to our framily Molly and her parents for taking us in. Wednesday we headed up to the hospital for appointment & infusion- first time I ever had to take all four kids with me. It's a really long day. They were angels. I almost cried in appreciation for the sibling play room. Ivy didn't want to leave because ARTS AND CRAFTS. Bless those volunteers. Makes me want to cry again. They can only stay for two hours so $39 in the gift shop later everyone had something to do in the waiting room until we were done.

Coach Carter entertains in the infusion room.
We left the hospital around dinner time and headed south to see how far we could get before stopping for a night of swimming and sleeeeeep. Apparently all the hotels were sold out clear down to Olympia, so we finally found one of the last rooms available at a Best Western in Chehalis. It had beds, a pool and a hot tub, pretty much all we required. We checked in and enjoyed the pool room to ourselves until it closed and then again in the morning until we had to check out.

I must note the "sacred Cheeto" in the elevator. A lone crunchy cheeto greeted us when we got there and every time we rode the elevator the kids would check to see if it was still there. And then dare each other to eat it. Gray begged for me to let him eat it. (Nope.) And to my kids great pleasure it was still there when we checked out.


Thursday we drove back to Salem and crashed with our friends, again. How generous our hosts were!! We ordered pizza, took a lovely stroll around the neighborhood, then headed back for dessert and The Book of Life in their home theater. Loved it. The kids slept in a big tent in the living room. I think they really enjoyed their "vacation" this week.


We left after we woke up this morning and made it back to the (windy) coast around 1. I started on ALL THE LAUNDRY and the kids requested homemade soup for dinner. I had it grocery shopped, cooked and ready, and even changed into my pjs by 4pm. Now I think it's okay for me to breathe. We made it to the weekend.

(days thirty six, thirty seven, & thirty eight)


  1. You stayed 15 minutes from our house!!!!

  2. I am laughing about the cheeto cause I ate some last night as a snack. Of course they were out of the bag. I'm so glad you had a good trip to Salem and Seattle and very thankful for Molly and family.

  3. p.s. love the pictures! Carter is the entertainer...


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