July 6, 2015

(days 25-26-27)

4th of July, Bandon parade

We had an awesome 4th of July with friends. It was a beautiful weekend and we all even got a little sunburned- in Bandon! Our town was packed. We went to the parade, which was more like a few cars and lots of horses and that's about it, but it was still fun, and then had our friends (and a hamster and a tadpole) over right after to spend the whole day just hanging out and eating. We also roasted s'mores and then of course, we went to watch the fireworks over the river.


Sunday we had friends over again - for waffles this time before they headed out for a couple more weeks away. The kids were all done-in from all the socializing and it was a quiet end to the weekend. Ivy slept in her teepee in the living room and Gray snuggled in with me for the night.

Today was back to reality. We have a showing tomorrow morning, so the living room forts had to come down. Stuff had to be cleaned and straightened. Thankfully the kids were cool with a big fruit salad for dinner.

(days 25-26-27)


  1. So glad you had such a fun celebration. Loved your fireworks!

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