July 31, 2015

curled up

We went to a puppet show at the library and it was super cheesy but cute with a good message and Gray and Ivy enjoyed it. We played at the park for a long time after it was over and it was nice to chat with friends. It's these moments that I forget that we're moving. I am glad it's not always on my mind and that it doesn't prevent me from being involved while we're still here. And I'm also not hit with sadness after times like these, because for many people here it's not their last stop either. Our paths could cross again someday. If the past three years have taught us anything, you just never know. 

I curled up with a book until Jeff made it home. We snuggled with the kids in our big bed before bedtime and imagined if we just had one room with a big family bed in our next house. It's all we really need. The kids promised they would snuggle with us even when they are in college and come home for the holidays. I'm going to hold them to this.

(day fifty-two)

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