July 10, 2015

birthday boy

Carter, 7/10/02 + 7/10/15

Carter turned 13 today. I showed him the pic from when he was born to see if we could reenact it and he was like, "aww that's me? I'm so little." You were hours old, kid! I can remember it like it was hours ago, too. 

I was up super early to get the LTYM videos ready for our big 2015 release today (they are live now!!!) and also to go get birthday donuts. Even the girl at the coffee drive up was wondering why I was out and about so early. 

We celebrated all day and facetimed with family and then Jeff came home to fire up the grill. We had steaks and mushrooms that tasted like steak. And then an ice cream cake. Two teens in the house now. Life is good! 


(day thirty-one)


  1. I LOVE these pictures. It does seem like yesterday that I was taking Noah up to the hospital to meet his brother. You are as beautiful as ever, so having 2 teens looks great on you. I am so glad Carter had a great celebration.

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