June 22, 2015

'til the batteries run out

day thirteen.

It is Monday but totally felt like a Tuesday. We went to the beach three times- well, I went down at low tide this morning on my way to the store and then tonight Gray and Ivy wanted to go look at the seals at high tide and then back for the sunset. I Periscoped it, if you have that app you can check it out. I'm @babysteph on there but I don't really know how to link it. I think you have to view it on your phone? I'm new.

Seals at Coquille Point
Can you see all the seals on that rock?

My phone died right when we saw horses heading down the beach. Thankfully I had my regular camera.


horseback on the beach

Riders on the beach

Gray and Ivy love playing in the little beach huts and making a mess in the sand, and I must admit, it's kind of refreshing that they are still at the age where they think it's fun to throw sand. Ivy told me to take a picture of her posing like this:

little mermaid

She's got an eye for these things.

And after their baths they wanted to go back to watch the sunset, so we did.

ivy sunset

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  1. LOVE these pictures, especially of Ivy. How neat to see the seals. You have the best playground in your back yard!


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