June 13, 2015

The Wind

day four.


The wind is in. And it keeps blowing my lawn chairs over on the patio.

Today we took a trip up to the movie theater and enjoyed a lively game of twenty questions on the way. It took them all the way to the end to guess beaver. We split up for the first time ever when we got there- the kids thought it was awesome. Jeff took his group to Jurassic World in 3D and Ivy and I watched Tomorrowland (loved, so inspiring, cried a little, but I also choked up when the trailer for Inside Out came on.)

I'm already losing track of the days. My show-ready house has turned back into the land of forts (and farts) and the kitchen has been cooked in. But everyone's happy.


  1. Forts and farts. Why yes, that's my home too.

  2. Ivy is growing way too fast! I would love to see both of those movies..


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