June 27, 2015

the tooth fairy gets all the credit

Missing: Two front teeth

Yesterday was dad comes home day so everyone was in high spirits. There was a moment when I glanced into the living room as my kids worked together to turn a cardboard box into a hamster mansion and I thought okay now this is a summer childhood and they are going to turn out okay. That right there totally erases all the TV they have watched this week, right.

Ivy lost another tooth. They are dropping like flies. And she literally lost it- her other top front tooth. They were "messing around" and suddenly realized her tooth was missing. We still have not found it. Oh please let it turn up before our next showing.

Today she spent her tooth fairy money on a big-eyed stuffed animal she has been wanting at Rite Aid. And earlier she sweetly mentioned to me how when she went to bed her nightlight wasn't on, but when she woke up, she saw that the tooth fairy must have turned it on for her! That was me. But yeah. I was glad she noticed someone was thinking about her. Pretty adorable.

(day seventeen and eighteen)


  1. How sweet. She probably swallowed it. The stuffed animal looks like one she wanted at the Children's hospital that was quite expensive. Glad she got it. I love the hamster mansion idea.


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