June 16, 2015

sunset with friends.

day seven.


Today went as planned- to knit and be free to do whatever. And it worked because a friend I literally haven't seen in 19 years texted that she was driving up the coast with her family and we hung out and watched the sunset. It was so great.


It was perfect timing because everyone was going all squirrelly up in here. I canceled all screens and so the kids taught themselves to load and shoot Ivy's Nerf bow & arrow with their feet.

Then they were yelling for me because they couldn't find the toothpicks. What do you need toothpicks for?? To hold the olives in the sandwiches they made.


We saw a bunch- and I mean a bunch- of seals on the rocks tonight and a couple swimming around like no big deal. It's been a very long goodbye, the ocean and me. I can't tell if it's making it any easier or not.

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  1. Hey ma' was there a toothpick in that sandwich?


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