June 15, 2015

something to peel every day

day six.


It's the first Monday of summer vacation and I think it's finally sinking in for us. We don't have to leave the house all week if we don't want to! I slept past nine. This is much needed. I am still working as the latest LTYM videos are processing and will be released this summer but my work load is easy and relaxing right now. It's so nice. I feel like everything (house, fam, life, work) is even-ing out. I might get to finish some knitting tonight and even started bookmarking future projects and this is a very good sign.

Today we turned in Ivy's painting to the Port and then stopped in to see our friend's new shop location in Old Town where Ivy desired matching silver "night sky" gem rings for us both. How could I say no. Then I put her to work peeling potatoes for lunch. She and Gray practically beg for me to give them something to peel every day.

We watched the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup and are kinda missing Chicago and the sound of fireworks right about now.

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  1. Ivy is stylin' with that ring on her finger. So glad you have potato peelers...


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