June 24, 2015

or doin' nothing

We pretty much did nothing today. I did not monitor screens. I don't think anyone (but Ivy) opened a book. I guess I'm spent from all the summer doings because right now I'm just tired. Tired of having to get the house ready for showings, tired of this all becoming the same old same old. Tired of house hunting only to find nada. Zip. Tired of having to come up with food for hungry kids. Basically I'm tired and need to slow it down and rest for a bit. I know this. I am hoping after our showing tomorrow maybe I can spend the rest of the day in bed with a book. There's enough in the fridge for Carter's gourmet sandwiches. They can fend for themselves for a day or so. (day fifteen)


  1. Nothing is a-ok :) Here's to tomorrow! *hug*

  2. House-hunting takes forever! I know b/c we've been doing it on and off for the past year. We found THE house in January and - very long story later - it looks like we'll be closing at the end of July. #Thankful

  3. You are blessed to have "chef carter"...I hope for better days ahead and things slow down enough to catch up on your rest...wish I were close by to help you out...xxoo


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