June 20, 2015

On the boardwalk

day eleven.

We had our big open house today and to my surprise people actually showed up! Maybe we'll have an offer soon! The house was looking great and the day was amazing. We took the kids to lunch so our realtor could get things set up and then we hung out around old town until it was okay to come home.

We scouted out the artwork on the boardwalk and the kids found their paintings. (Carter is the only one who wasn't in art this semester.) Ivy's sea star has some prime real estate right at the start. Pretty cool. The boys' pieces were super hidden LOL. All of the entries this year are so awesome. They will stay up the whole summer.




Jeff is here for one more night and has all the kids in our room watching a movie. I'm enjoying the quiet in the living room with some blue razz Pop Rocks and my book club book.

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