June 25, 2015

little fly

foggy sunset

It was a nice, warm day but every time we went down by the water the fog would roll in and my glasses kept fogging up. Ivy had her first class of the library storytime session. I did rest a bit after the house showing but this little fly kept buzzing at the window above the bed and I tried so hard to get him out the patio door across the room but he kept going back to the window. Finally I got him away from it and he flew the complete opposite from the wide open door to my bathroom. Then I was like you're on your own dude. Okay so I did try to get him out of the bathroom for like a minute but he was not getting it.

We facetimed with Mommal and Aunt Diane in Louisiana and it was so good to see their faces. I pulled Ivy's bottom tooth while we were chatting, too. And I just had to go ask Carter if he wanted to be the tooth fairy and he was super excited, has money, and saves me a trip to the store tonight. (day sixteen)


  1. I think you should come visit Louisiana instead of just Facetimeing... ;)


  2. That fly knew he had a good home and wanted to stay...


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