June 14, 2015

in dreams

day five.

The making of zebra butterfly sea star.

She pressed close to me, on my pillow this morning and asked what happens when everyone dies? She thought maybe we will become babies again, only if she can come back as my baby. How I wish it worked that way, I hope I get to relive that feeling again.

Then, she wanted to know if life was really only black and white back in the old days. She thought there were no colors, at all, back then. She asks the best questions, and I told her that. She said thank you.

We were finally able to work on her entry for the boardwalk art contest- Coastal Creatures Real or Imagined. She decided to paint a zebra butterfly sea star.

Last night I saw a half rainbow in my dream. All day I've been hoping the meaning would come to me.

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  1. AWE....I love Ivy questions! I really miss them...I love her thoughts about color...smart girl!


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