June 21, 2015

happy days

day twelve.

I cried twice today and I never cry, especially never do I let Jeff see. But I was missing my dad. And also have been working on the LTYM videos and there was a tear jerker, and about a dad no less. 

I meant to take a pic of Jeff with the kids. He's already gone for the week, so I guess I'll just try for the weekend.  So here's one of my favorites of him and Carter in Chicago that I found while looking through old photos. This morning I got out the griddle for a pancake breakfast after the kids revealed I've been overdoing it a bit with waffles. I just realized that we never ate lunch, but we did have dinner eventually. 

It was supposed to be the longest day of the year but for me it just flew by. I stood in the living room, stared at the clock and actually yelled, "Who messed with the clock?!" Surely it could not be six pm. It was just noon! 

We declared for real this time we're going to read all our library books this week. 

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  1. Awe....I'm just now reading this post and I am sorry you were missing your dad. I sensed that. He was missing you too. You both have a special bond and it makes me happy. He asks me every day if I have heard from the "Bandonites"......xxoo


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