June 29, 2015

getting better now

After the sunset Monday night.

To say I'm a bit irritable would be an understatement. Yesterday was a good lazy day, though. I made pancakes and it was nice. Just when I've wanted to go down to the beach for sunset the past few days, the big mist rolls in.

Today I slept in and tackled some projects that need finishing. Ivy was sad that the boys wanted alone time and she had no one to hang out with so we decided to watch a movie together and then it ended up that everyone was on my bed watching The Land Before Time while I tried to concentrate on my knitting. I've just felt off the rest of the day and nothing gets my kids working together faster than when I start losing it a bit. Then I lost my finishing needle somewhere in my lap or chair and it's just completely disappeared so I went for a drive and thankfully found some needles that will do at the grocery store. I also got to see a pretty beautiful sky.

Everyone's going to bed earlier tonight in hopes we all are in better moods tomorrow. (days nineteen and twenty)


  1. Beautiful picture...Hope you found your needles..

  2. Those off days are just not fun. Glad it's behind you now.



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