February 7, 2015

Things to write down :: first of Feb

We got to our hotel on Tuesday night and I looked out the window at the glowing Space Needle and thought we've got to stop meeting this way. 

It was an actually okay drive. We beat traffic there and back and I'll just say that I'm glad to not be in a car right now. The infusion went fast- I'll definitely be asking for more 8am start times. He's growing in weight and height. This is very very good. I even slipped in a little visit with Joy- one of our new directors for LTYM: Seattle. She came to see me at the hospital. Noah and I hightailed it out of there when we were done before noon and were home before bedtime.

My leg is okay. Not great but not as bad as last time. My back is much better, but at least now I know that what I'm dealing with is definitely related to the drives. It won't always be like this...

I had a lot of time to think and decided to start letting the sadness about all this set in. If I don't start feeling it now it will only get worse. And I found this week of rain and windy storms pretty comforting as well as the decision that it's better get through the depression than be pulled out of it. I gotta finish this off. I think the massages and awareness of what and how I'm feeling is helping a lot. Can't bury this stuff under a fake smile any more.

We had two showings this week- I think to the same people. Don't really want to ask to clarify. We have no place to go if someone does want to buy. Also, I need a moment or few. The house is really really clean.

This morning I woke to Jeff making breakfast and everyone in happy moods. We all ate together (gluten free pancakes and sausage and fruit) and we've done absolutely nothing the entire day. It's been the long-est day ever and I love it. I have been resting up, watching Datelines with Jeff, listening to podcasts while I play Candy Crush, reading Charlotte's Web to Ivy. The rain would beat down and then there'd be a huge rainbow. Tonight it's supposed to storm and we might even see lightning and hear thunder- I never get to see it here on the coast and do miss that about Indiana.

Ivy and Carter start rehearsals for a new play tomorrow and other than that it's looking like we'll order up a repeat of today's events. Next week, so far, is looking calm, too.

"Every day was a happy day, and every night was peaceful." -Charlotte's Web


  1. Here' s to clean houses. And podcasts. And pancakes. Thunderstorms, too.

  2. All of your kids are amazing and I'm so glad you have Seattle and I so get the "be sad about it now", but Oh My Ivy. Why is she so big. WHY.


  3. Is it your gas pedal leg that's bothering you? I had a similar issue when I was doing a lot of driving (initially I hurt it while running). Putting a small pillow or towel or wadded up jacket at the small of my back helped a lot. Sometimes I would even drive with an ice pack until it wasn't cold any more! Your rainy day sounds delightful. We've been having some many warm, sunny days in So Cal that I don't feel like I'm getting enough hibernation!

  4. Ivy won that chess game, right? ;)

    Just thinking about you today... xo


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