January 19, 2015

Things to write down :: week three

How is it that it's only week 3 of this year? This day alone felt like a month. The past week, well, I've never visited the doctor so much for myself in such short a time ever. The massage therapy was good- going again in the morning thanks to new doctor's orders. We have yet to figure out my weird leg issues. I've had the works- blood tests, x-Rays, and ultrasounds. Still no idea. So there's that. Then Ivy started up with a cold/cough thing and I've been nebulizing her around the clock. I haven't had so many consecutive nights of broken sleep since newborn land. 

This weekend was a whole lot of lying around and zoning out into space. I did get some more Academy Award nominated films checked off my list (still thinking about Selma...) 

Today, well, we arrived at a family milestone. We had our first pet burial after the loss of Gray's beloved gerbil Domino. I don't want to talk about it more than that but it was a very sad day in this house. The little funeral was precious and attended by all. Then I had to take Ivy all the way up to see her dr. so that she could get her albuterol refilled. And while I was in yet another dr's office our realtor texted asking for a showing tomorrow morning. Because of course!

We've been keeping the house pretty show ready anyway, as much as you can when there are six people living in it. And we do want to sell it so it's going to be ready always. Even when I just need a break already. Someday. Not today or tomorrow but someday for sure.

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  1. I am so relieved about your test results. I am so sorry about Domino. I'm sure Pepper and Buddy are getting lots of extra love.


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