January 4, 2015

Things to write down :: week one

The kids go back to school tomorrow and we all kind of have the sads about it. I say this every year, I know. But I wish it was summer break already, or that we had one more week. I had planned to start regular bedtimes again a few days ago to get back into the groove and here we are... everyone still going to bed late and sleeping late. So, tonight is... the last night.

Kiwi are the new Cuties around here, but I'm still buying Cuties, too, when I can find them.

I booked what looks to be a fun hotel for Noah and me when we hit up Seattle again this week. I used to love using Hotwire but I'm also pretty picky about hotels and had one less than stellar experience so I now would rather pay more to guarantee we're getting something good. Hopefully this one is a keeper and we can just become regulars.

After loving the Serial podcast along with the rest of the world, I heard about The Staircase documentary, found it on YouTube, and watched every chapter in one sitting. Then Jeff watched it with me again so that I could discuss it with someone. I got a lot of knitting done, and learned a lot about the criminal justice system. So, it was educational.

A photo I took on my phone this week:

Ivy is modeling my latest knitting project that I'll probably never wear but it was fun to learn to do entrelac. After finishing up some gifts I am going to knit myself something that I will indeed wear... maybe a cowl/hoodie mash up.

Up this week: school again, Ivy's dance classes resume, Seattle for infusion #2, and I completely forgot until this very moment looking at my calendar... my birthday!!! #thirtysomething


  1. That hat is so cute and you would probably wear it if you still lived in Indiana with all the cold.

    1. I could really use that hat this week with our deep freeze...love it!

  2. You'll be passing right by my exit on your way to Seattle!!!!

  3. We are birthday buddies :) (I'm the 12th. Also thirtySOMETHING)

  4. I LOVE the newest knitting project Ivy is modeling!

  5. I love the hat.

    And I'm most of the way into the first week of school and feel like we're still staying up late and sleeping late. But we've been sort of, mostly on time every morning, so I'm calling it a win.

  6. You have me interested in The Staircase now. Watching Part 1 right now.



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