January 11, 2015

Things to write down :: week two

Holy moly. I needed this weekend. I am relieved that the next several days will not involve long car rides. Last week was just super long and bumpy with my birthday slipped in there somewhere.

The Seattle trip was great- the weather was absolutely lovely. The hotel was a winner - Noah was stoked about the good wifi and I loved the location. Any place close to the hospital and with a view of the Space Needle is fine by me. Noah's appointment went smoothly and we got great news that the treatment is working. !!!

I spent most of my birthday recovering from the trip and getting three interrupted naps- I think I've messed up my back and legs or maybe it's all connected. But I'm still uncomfortable and seeing a massage therapist tomorrow and regular doctor on Tuesday. Thankfully we don't have to go back to Seattle for another month. And, something that sweetens the whole moving away thing is that we will cut our drive in half when we move. (We do have a showing this week, btw.)

An un-edited photo on my phone from this week... this was the sky before our trip. The sunrises have been spectacular this month.

Up this week: massage, dance, a showing, doctor appt, Spanish workshop for Carter & Gray, book club (I did not read the book), and another weekend of noooo plans. Can't wait!


  1. I hope there are some Seattle pictures coming? Glad for the good news and the good hotel. And happy birthday, too!

  2. Picture is amazing. Hoping your legs and back feel better. So happy for Noah's progress.


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