December 26, 2014

Sprits are bright

It's the day after Christmas and all is calm. Jeff's napping. Ivy's creating with her Fashion Plates at the  table (she just finished sewing all the things with her Sew Cool sewing machine which is sooo cool but also sooo loud.) The boys are doing I'm not sure what but since they are quiet I'm not going to go check up on them. I must also mention that the house is spotless.

This morning it was so very not spotless. 

Christmas happened. A pile of boxes greeted me in the living room along with two garbage bags full of wrapping paper and bows. I did wonder to myself last night if we shouldn't save some of these bows for next year- especially after buying a whole new bag the night before and now they are garbage. We could always just tape them on next year and then I remembered that I'm not seventy and we're moving and this is not the time to think about next year's bows. It's enough to think about the next day, or next few hours to be honest. 

So, today was going to be our big day off to relax and recover from an intense week. Not only did we have the holidays to tend but I also made a trip to Seattle and back with Noah. The exhaustion hit hard by mid afternoon yesterday. We served food at our community Christmas dinner and when that was done (and we had stopped on the way home for our Ellen selfie above), all our obligations were met and my body and mind basically went limp. Dishes piled in the sink? No one cares. We can use paper plates and our fingers. Laundry isn't even on my radar until next week (or until school starts up again if I'm being truly authentic here.) Beds don't get made during Christmas break. I'm sure I saw that's a rule somewhere. 

Then we got a request for a showing. Talk about a snap back into reality. We are selling a house! And... no way can we show it today but no way can we not show it so...  basically I said to give me a few hours and you better believe we got to work. 

The house looked amazing and we piled into my car with the a hamster and two gerbils and went to lunch. Now we're home and this clean, quiet house is really, really nice. It's a great way to start a weekend of (hopefully) doing nothing but whatever I feel like: coffee, Into The Woods, knitting, shopping, shopping at the knitting shop, reading, napping, snuggling.

Things are good. We are very merry. 

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  1. Oh I remember those days of piling in the car with kids and pets and trying to find something to do while the house is shown. Not to mention cleaning up at a moments notice. Here's hoping it's a fast and smooth process of selling, and moving, and buying, and moving into your new home!



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