November 4, 2014

Who Am I Waiting For?

This morning as we were all heading out the door for school I stood in the entry way waiting. And waiting. I think I thought someone was still brushing their teeth but the house was suddenly so quiet.

I looked outside at the car and tried to count heads. "Come on guys! Who am I waiting for?" And they were like "we're all in the car!" and I'm like "oh." I guess I'm waiting on me.


I posted one of my favorite videos from this year's LTYM shows at the Listen To Your Mother site today. Maybe I love it so much because I am so far removed from the baby days and mommy wars and judgment. I think once you have older kids no one cares anymore. At least that's what I've observed, or not observed, because it's just not on my mind really at all. I look back and have no regrets with my choices, but I can see now how a lot of the attachment parenting came so naturally because of my own anxiety issues. I don't know if it would have been any different if back then I could somehow know how I'd feel about it now. But it's a great feeling when you finally catch up and things actually start to make some sense. Very worth the wait.

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