November 10, 2014

The Bathroom

I was feeling a little out of sorts and my feet were cold. So before I cleaned up the dinner mess, ran the dishwasher, or put in another load of laundry, I took a bath. All the hot water was going to me first.

I told the kids and then retreated to my room. I put away my phone and lit a couple candles. It was really nice. I imagined that it might be the last bath I take in there. Our master bathroom is... enormous. It's about the size of a small Starbucks. The bathtub is the size of a small pool. I have purchased artwork - like from a gallery artwork - for my bathroom. I might be hanging on a bit tight because of this bathroom. I can't imagine ever living in another house with one taking up so much square footage. At first I thought it was ridiculous. Now I can't let go.

It's just a bathroom. I'm getting over it. And here's to hoping it's a huge selling point for the new buyers.

But back to my bath. Not once did a kid knock on the door - even after I was all dried off and had yet entered the real world of the rest of the house. When I finally was relaxed enough to clean up the kitchen, I left my bedroom and the house was quiet, the kids were even whispering, as if to honor and uphold my zen state. I'm thinking this could be a whole new way of life.

Maybe it will not be the last bath I take here after all.

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