November 1, 2014

Super Kids

My kids are experts at cheering each other up. This is worth more than most things in my life. It gives me great validation as a mother and it offers glimpses that my dream of being just like the Bravermans can come true. 

They really came to my rescue the night before the school Halloween party. Gray had changed his mind about what costume he was going to wear and it was all-Hallow's-eve up in here let me tell you. But a trip to the closest store 40 minutes away to search the barest of bare racks of costumes and some support from his awesome siblings brought him back to the conclusion that he'll just wear what he already had. 

Trick or treating was the best. The weather was amazing, the kids were off school, we spent most of the day and evening with great friends and ended it at the pizza parlor in Old Town. We pretty much saw everyone we know. Things are in a constant stage of bittersweet. It feels like we are always saying goodbye now, especially as we take this move so so verrrry slow. It's what everyone wants to talk about. Who knows, maybe eventually they'll be saying "you're still here??" but in the meantime, no one seems to want us to leave, so that's nice.

Because of his allergies, I inspect Gray's trick or treat haul extra carefully and I was extremely disappointed to find that he didn't get nearly enough candy with peanuts in them for me to confiscate. Where are all my the Reese's peanut butter cups?

This year I was super organized and had the kids transfer all the candy from their Jack-o-lanterns into storage bags. Normally they just take their buckets to their rooms and months later when I'm changing their sheets I find all the candy wrappers stuffed in the sides of their beds but this time I used the "we're moving so you can't have Jack-o-lanterns in your room when we show the house" excuse. And so now their bags of candy are in the snack drawer where I can monitor just how many pieces they try to eat every twenty minutes.


  1. Love. I also very much want to be a Braverman. I know it's because we had grandpas that would give Zeke a run for his money. <3

  2. We do the same thing with Abbey's candy. Where were the Reese's this year? I think there is a conspiracy afoot. I'm glad you had a Happy Halloween!

  3. "...and months later when I'm changing their sheets I find all the candy wrappers stuffed in the sides of their beds..."

    Oh, Stephanie, this made me laugh so hard! And thank you for making me know I'm not alone in the don't-change-sheets-often-enough department. :)

    I'm glad you had a great holiday--the kids look fantastic!

  4. I want to do Halloween with you guys next year.


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