November 5, 2014

Moments Like This

Late last night I was checking on the kids in their beds when I noticed Gray was having trouble falling asleep. I curled up next to him and placed my hand on his back. He was facing away from me and as I looked at the the hair on his precious little head I was transported to the time in my life that he was my world.

He began a whole new volume of my life when he came along. He started this blog. When he was small we were never separated and lying there in the bed with me, man, I was there. He drifted off to sleep and it was the best thing ever. Seriously, we had a moment. 

I stayed there for awhile. I didn't want to break the spell. I didn't want time to march any further and anyone to get another second older. I quietly kissed his sweet head and slipped from the bed. I was just down the hallway when another feeling came over me.

I know my children well. I just had to check...

I tiptoed back to his room and peeked inside and


That turkey totally faked me out and pretended to be so precious and sleeping until I left the room! THEN he tried to make me feel bad: "Mom, you scared me!" Oh don't even.

I wasn't mad, though. I took away the Kindle, sure. If it hadn't been so late I would have even let him have it then. We still had a moment, even if it was under false pretenses. I don't know the last time we cuddled like that and who knows when he'll oblige again. It was the best.


  1. Oh my goodness, I used to do that. But with a book and flashlight. SO MUCH EASIER to have a kindle where it has its own light :)

  2. Gretchen's room is interior, so the two windows are up high and can be seen from the kitchen and living room -- many nights, I've looked up to see the glow from her lamp and when I go in I "catch" her reading. It's so hard to say go to sleep!

  3. I had a very similar "moment" with my son last year. We are suckers.

  4. Oh that boy... these kids... our hearts!!!

  5. Haha! Little stinker!
    What a fantastic post. Sweet and sentimental and a laugh at the end so I don't get too emotional. ;)

  6. This is too funny! Henry did something similar a few months ago. Thought I was getting a sweet moment and he totally faked me out. Growing boys are a definite mama heart-ripper.


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