November 24, 2014

Let's Go On A House Tour

These aren't the official photos, just some I took myself for memories and also for documentation that one day every single room of our home was clean.

I remembered to take an outside pic just as the fog was starting to roll in. Our garage (not pictured) is to the right. Our master bath/bedroom is where all the block windows are on the left.

Well, come on in.

Here's a view of the front door from the inside.

As you enter, to your left is this room that we never did quite figure out what to do with. Our master bedroom hall is just behind that orange chair. We put our Christmas tree up in front of those windows. The rest of the year it is where the kids wrestle 24/7.

As you enter, to the right is our dining room. We had this large round dining table and chairs made locally. I hope it works for our next house. We eat big breakfasts here as a family on the weekends more than any other meal. 

Continuing straight through the entry you will pass the kitchen on the right, a little nook on the left, and head into our living room.

Nook. We had this drop leaf table & chairs made by the same guy who made our dining set.

Here's the living room where I do most of my reading. Through those windows you can see the ocean. We have never used the gas fireplace the whole time we've lived here.

And another view of the living room... as you can see we have a lot of windows and doors to the back patio.

Here's my very open kitchen. We eat almost all our meals at the bar.

This is the little hall that leads to our guest quarters aka Ivy's room and bathroom. The kids do their homework at the desk and I have push pins in all of the LTYM cities as I do every year.

This is the view from the desk- to the left there is a built-in desk where more homeworking happens. To the right is a linen closet and straight ahead is the guest bath with yet another door to go outside. 

Ivy's room which also becomes the guest room when we have visitors (I'll be changing the bedding for Jeff's parents' arrival this week!) To the right are two large double closets. To the left against the wall you would see the enormous and very pink Barbie dreamhouse Ivy got for her birthday.

And so here we go back through the kitchen to the other parts of the house. I love the solar light tube we have in the ceiling- hardly ever a need to turn on the light. Through that archway is the dining room straight ahead and you can turn left through there to head to the boys' wing.

First let's look back through the kitchen from the dining room. This really gives you an idea of how open everything is. You can also see the painting of two seagulls "The Anniversary" by Stephanie Donaldson that we bought after falling in love with it on display at the boardwalk. It won 1st place in the art contest last year! The painting with the driftwood frame to the right is of Bandon Dunes- we won it at a fundraiser earlier this year.

The hallway to the boys' rooms. The laundry room is down the hall and to the right, as is the garage.

The first bedroom is Noah's. 

Here's their bathroom. And the ruffle shower curtain is still in use! 

Carter & Gray's room. They also have two closets to the left.

Now let's head to the master bedroom which is like a retreat. It's where I get most of my work done, too. (You'll also see Jeff's La-Z-Boy that I keep joking will not be making the move but we shall see.)

On the wall you'll see some artwork by Noah that we had framed. And you'll also see the entry to our bathroom that we love so much. Through that hall are walk in closets on either side (mine's on the right.)

I had to take a picture of my closet because I don't know if I'll ever have one like it again and also I emptied it out for the real estate photos. Normally nothing is on hangers, everything is on the floor. I shoved it all into bags and hid them in the garage. Now I get to hang it all up tonight. Wheeee. This is also why Jeff really really loves that we have our own closets and he is praying the next house is just as accommodating.

Okay, back to the bathroom.

We also love the double shower, and the toilet is in the little room to the right.

Here's the view from the tub. I never did put anything up on that ledge.

And that will conclude our tour. If it was possible, I would just have this house moved to where we are going. Preferably on top of a huge basement. I miss having a basement a lot, and while the open concept in this house is so beautiful and light and great for entertaining, I wish we had a separate play room and den for the kids. So, next house. Can't wait to meet it. 


  1. That was such a fun tour! It's almost my dream home too. I'm with you though, it's missing that separate area for the kids. Most people in this price bracket don't have kids, so they're going to love it for all the other reasons it's such a great house. I can't believe how much you decluttered it-you did an amazing job. Marie D

  2. It's so lovely - so much natural light! I like our house here except for there is no designated playroom either. And the TOYS (mostly Legos) are everywhere! Good luck in the new home!

  3. Pretty house! I hope you love your next one too!!

  4. Thanks for the walk through and video tour. I will make your dream happen. Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Look at all the natural light! I can see why you're having trouble wanting to leave that place!

  6. Wow! It is gorgeous! That is a dream home!

  7. Gorgeous - and very homey! I can see why you are sad to say good-bye.

    Love the bench in Ivy's room. Is it handmade?

    I especially adore the kitchen. Long islands are the best.

  8. What a beautiful home, Stephanie! I know you'll miss it but I hope you find one just as lovely in the new town!
    LOVE your LTYM map!!


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