November 6, 2014

Just another Thursday morning.

Today we announced the 2015 cities for LTYM and it is so very exciting and so very hard to believe that I've been LTYM-ing for over four years now.

But it's not all bright lights and glamour- as the post went up and everyone was tweeting and sharing and our team was texting you would have seen me in a super mad rush packing a lunch while signing homework papers and peeling and chopping a squash for Stone Soup day in Gray's class, and also pitting a disgusting overripe avocado (the stone.)

I realized we needed to be out the door eight minutes ago and stood there in the kitchen trying to remember if I did my hair and makeup and was presentable enough to leave the house. No time to consult a mirror. Everyone made it on time-ish. When I got back home we had left the front door wide open.

I heard the Stone Soup was actually really great. Ivy and I had a tea party, read, and even tried to nap. I'm throwing a couple pizzas in the oven. We have parent/teacher conferences tonight and no school tomorrow THANK GOODNESS.

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