November 29, 2014

Behind the scenes

Carter & Grandma peeling the potatoes.

We are on day three of leftovers and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight which is a very good thing considering my cooktop bit the dust just as we were turning off the burner for the mashed potatoes and were about to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner. It wouldn't shut off and the repair man won't be here until Tuesday. So. Yay leftovers and restaurant breakfasts!


Noah & Grandma make the gravy.

It's been a very long and full holiday. We Thanksgiving'ed and then yesterday Jeff and I officially listed the house- sign in the yard and everything. Then I ran off solo to meet a new friend for coffee (she was absolutely lovely and delightful) and we did a bit of shopping. I bought the same wreath Jeff almost bought me earlier this year but the store owner talked him out of it because she didn't think I would like it. And she was right. I didn't and totally loved the one he did buy me. But when I saw it yesterday I had totally forgotten it was the same one and apparently this time I loved it! And it was on sale so maybe that helped, too. We watched it rain the rest of the day until we decided to take Carter to see Mockingjay last night during even more rain.

Poker, of course.

This morning we already had our first showing! We went out to breakfast and then took Ivy to Nutcracker rehearsal and Grandma & Grandpa got to see her practice on the stage. Tonight I took Gray and Ivy to the tree lighting celebration in Old Town. I had to push back tears at how much I love this place and how much I'll miss it. Ivy announced, "I totally know, like, everyone here!" And that was true. We knew everyone and people were dressed up as characters from A Christmas Carol and were singing and sipping on hot cider as they strolled the streets and the kids could run around and be safe. T'was merry, truly merry. So maybe we'll just have to come back for the tree lighting here until we get to know everyone wherever we're headed next.

The kids with the best teacher ever, Mrs. Goddard.

The very best friends: Ivy, Piper, Gray, and Jack.

The tree lighting was at 5:30 and at exactly 5:29 Gray alerted me to the fact that he ate a peanut butter candy by accident and his lips and throat were very itchy. We hightailed it out of there and got him home and he's totally okay now. We will drive by the tree tomorrow and see the lights then. 


  1. Jeff's parents haven't changed one bit! They look great!


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