November 13, 2014

A very long and beeping night

We are home now. My sick little sweet bug ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. What was supposed to be a doctor appointment turned into going to the ER turned into being transported by ambulance to another hospital.

I was strong when her breathing was scary. I was unfazed as the ER doctors looked worried and frightened (and that is not my favorite thing at all. No parent wants to ever see that.) But when they said I wouldn't be able to ride in the ambulance with her because I had Gray with me and so I would have to follow behind it the forty some minutes, I almost lost it. I wanted to keep Gray with me, but I did not want Ivy alone all that time on that drive, especially in her condition. Thankfully my brain started working and figured some things out and a dear friend came and got Gray and I got in that ambulance.

That was not how we thought our day would go, especially after a sleepless night before. But anyhow. Somehow we made it to night and her oxygen levels set off the alarm allll night lonnnnng. I  do not know how I am awake to type this even now but I am lying here next to her in bed until she falls asleep and then it's my turn.

All the breathing treatments and meds made her a bit loopy. She requested a salad, a regular chicken, and a coconut around 2 a.m. She loved that it "was just like a hotel!" She charmed every single person who laid eyes on her. She came home with a handmade quilt and three stuffed animals given to her by the ambulance guys, ER nurse, and pneumonia information lady. A monkey, tiger, and duck that she named Banana, Meat, and Bread because of course.

After she started feeling better today she made her hospital bed all nice with her gifts and balloons and announced that it looked just like she was a patient and people brought her gifts to get better. And I was like, that is exactly what it is, Ivy. 

We are home now. Our room was nice but after 24 hours I wanted out. I never would have imagined I'd actually look forward to cleaning my kitchen and tackling the laundry. They finally discharged us after 8 p.m. tonight and that is just torture. But I am so thankful we didn't have to endure another beeping night. And she is breathing and has color in her face and most importantly she is going to be okay.


  1. Scary! So glad she's better and you are home.

  2. so so so glad this story has a happy ending and you're all recovering!

  3. You seem to have handled this frightening situation remarkably well! Hope Ivy continues to recover completely and your whole family has a chance to rest.

  4. So thankful she's seemingly doing better and that you're both home now <3

  5. I'm sorry you guys had to deal with such a scary situation. Glad she is on the mend!

  6. I've done so many of the ambulance rides and breathing treatments and beeping nights, but I would not describe myself as either strong or unfazed. You are braver than I. I'm so happy Ivy is home and improving.

  7. Oh my word... you live in adventurous times... hope your weekend is a quiet one, for relaxing and recovering... sending love to your heart.

  8. So traumatic for her and you. Glad she's feeling better!


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