August 3, 2014

These Things I Should Be Writing Down

As I've abandoned any sort of regular record keeping of our life in the recent year or more (one of the best years of our lives yet, to be sure, so very worthy of being written about) a tiny panic sets in that if I don't write down the good stuff, the little things, will it be remembered? Will they think back to this summer that they picked pints and pints of blackberries in our yard each day? This morning as I poured batter onto a hot griddle and watched them excitedly forage for the fresh fruit we'd add to our breakfast? Our grilled dinners around the table and then eating homemade milkshakes while watching Dr. Who all piled together in the bedroom? Will I remember? I will now.

The summer we didn't go anywhere but lived in a beautiful place and did so many things even if we never left our home.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Each one tells a story of its own.

  2. Your life is amazing. Love this for you.


  3. Awww! Love it!
    I've often asked myself why I blog less now that the kids are a little bit older. It was SO hectic when they were so very young that I was certain I'd have more time when they got older. I'm shocked to find that isn't true. I'm a different kind of busy now. I wish I blogged more. Kept record of our days for our family. But it is really more important to just live it. :)

    Love this post. I'm so glad to hear that you are all so happy and had the kind of summer that leaves such lasting memories. :)

  4. I just stumbled across your blog again. I used to read it about two years ago when I had time for such things. Your kids are so big now!!


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