August 16, 2014

Saturdays In The Summer By The Sea

I love Saturdays. It's really my only day with a bit of structure this summer. Jeff and I take our daily walk down to the ocean but add in an extra half mile or so on the weekends. We are back before the kids are awake and I'll go get donuts or make pancakes or like today I wanted to bake muffins but didn't have enough flour but we did have pancake mix, so we had blackberry pancake muffins (pancake batter baked in mini muffin tins) and we've been eating them all day.

Around 9 am I get my bin and bags ready to pick up our CSA shares. I hit the drive up at Human Bean for my iced latte. (Usually about right now I'm talking to my mom on the phone via bluetooth. "What are you up to?" "On my way to pick up my veggies, getting my coffee." Every week.) I head to the first stop, behind our acupuncturist's office. I check off my name and empty a bin full of veggie goodness into mine. (So much eggplant! Also: carrots, rainbow chard, beets, lettuce, basil, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, strawberries, purplette onions, and corn.)  I cross the street for the local grocery store's "farmer csa" and pick out my five little cartons. Usually I get all fruit there but today red potatoes, onions, and green peppers joined the apples and pears in my tote.

Then I go home and fill bowls and baskets on the counters and the fridge. 

The rest of the day is what we call a vacation day or a lot of nothing, which is easy here living in a vacation town. Maybe we'll pick more blackberries, definitely I'll be reading a book (All The Light We Cannot See --- oh my goodness) for hours on the couch with the back door open. Later I'll cook up some of the veggies and we'll eat a really great meal or maybe I'll just cook mini frozen pizzas in the oven. Or we'll just snack all day or whatever.

Last Sunday we spent the day with several families at our friend's lake house. It's pretty awesome to be at a lake house with the ocean just on the other side of the trees.

The kids swam and we took boat rides. We have no idea how deep the water was- no one could ever touch the bottom. We ate just-caught grilled salmon around a huge fire pit and had blackberry cobbler, of course.

There's still a few weeks until school starts and I finally took a peek at the school supply lists. Thankfully I collected everything they brought home the last day of school and after going through all that this morning (hello unopened packages of highlighters, #2s, folders that still have life left in them) I made my list of what we still needed and hit the brand new dollar store that just opened in town yesterday. I spent $20 and dare I say I'm done with the school supplies? Oh and PS $1 of that was for a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce- I was so excited because no other store in town carries it!! Also PPS I have yet to even consider the kids' closets for what they might actually wear to school. That's where the rest of our money will be going.


  1. What a glorious Saturday...and I love that I am included....such awesome pictures...beautiful lake day...and ivy looks so grown up...

  2. I love this! Such a vacationy lifestyle. How blessed y'all are.


  3. That was such a fun day and I'm ready to go back to the lake.

  4. My lord, it is just gorgeous in Oregon.

  5. Oh, Oregon. It suits you. I love your life there.

  6. Girl, I can send you some Louisiana hot sauce if you need it! ;)

    Ivy looks so big! Your lake time sound amazing... I mean fresh caught Salmon? WOW!


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