July 1, 2014

July July!

It is July. I don't know why this month gets its own shout out, maybe because it surprised me with an early arrival and it's a full-bellied month. The sun has been shining, swimming lessons are starting up, LTYM videos are almost ready, the kids' play opens in a couple weeks, and then I get to sneak away for a roadtrip down the 101 to San Jose for BlogHer. And just after that up to Portland for a couple days. Then it will be August.

August is something I'm looking forward to because it is the opposite of July. Empty belly. It will be welcome after this month's excitement and adventures.

For fun, some of my favorite July photos. I'm going to find my camera get my camera out this month.

parade, 2010

Porter County Fair, 2011

Porter County Fair, 2012

Coos County Fair, 2013


  1. It is so great to hear from you every so often! And I love the picture with Kenny! My husband and I were just chatting about him the other night (my hubby isn't doing the WI state fair this year, so they won't have their yearly catch up)...he is such a great performer and human being. Glad things are so good for your family!

  2. Summer is just fantastic in Oregon. August is one of the best months at the coast, so your belly just might fill up!
    When will you be in Portland? Would be fun to meet up!

  3. There's nothing better than summer in the Pacific Northwest. I love reading your words and I'm all pouty and petulant about not getting to see you at BlogHer this year.

  4. I love the pictures,

    Greating from Romania

  5. Love all the pictures. Reliving our Fair days...some of my favorite Birthday memories!


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