July 18, 2014

THAT lady.

Today I was almost that person who stands on the side of the road and takes a picture of cows sitting in a circle out in a big field. But it was a winding road and there really wasn't any place to park safely. So I just admired them sitting in the sun all cute with a breathtaking tree-filled mountain backdrop as I drove by.

Then I was that lady taking videos with an iPad at the pool. The kids had their last day of swimming lessons and I wanted to show Jeff how well they did and here's the thing- my phone didn't have enough storage to take the videos, so I had to use the iPad. And it's not even my iPad. It's Carter's. So I'm also the mom who lets her kid have his own iPad. I don't even have one, but whatever.

July 1, 2014

July July!

It is July. I don't know why this month gets its own shout out, maybe because it surprised me with an early arrival and it's a full-bellied month. The sun has been shining, swimming lessons are starting up, LTYM videos are almost ready, the kids' play opens in a couple weeks, and then I get to sneak away for a roadtrip down the 101 to San Jose for BlogHer. And just after that up to Portland for a couple days. Then it will be August.

August is something I'm looking forward to because it is the opposite of July. Empty belly. It will be welcome after this month's excitement and adventures.

For fun, some of my favorite July photos. I'm going to find my camera get my camera out this month.

parade, 2010

Porter County Fair, 2011

Porter County Fair, 2012

Coos County Fair, 2013