April 14, 2014

Ways to Listen to Your Mother and Consider Her Feelings

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'Tis the season for Listen To Your Mother and I'm so excited for all 32 cities to take the stage. I hope you'll be able to catch a show (or two?) 

A couple years ago Jeff interviewed the kids on the sly about ways they should listen to their mother and it was such a treat to come across it again... I had to share. Below is the list they came up with all on their own. 

Ways to Listen to Your Mother and Consider Her Feelings

Don't annoy her
Don't bother her while she's cooking
Don't wake her up unless it's an emergency
If she is resting, stay quiet
Don't insult her cooking
Don't fight over her iPhone
Listen to her the first time
Don't beg her to do something
Pay attention if she's talking
If she tries to wipe your nose, let her
Don't interrupt her while she's shooting videos
Nobody scream, nobody talk, and nobody snore
Get dressed on time
Don't argue about your homework
Try and keep my room clean no matter how many times stuffed animals spill out of Gray's bed
Never put your finger in a cupcake
Don't mess up her pillows
Make her happy
Give her art presents from school
When you are at a restaurant, do not goof around
If she tells you she wants to take a picture with you, don't grunt or groan
Go to bed
Give her kisses
Don't ask her for doughnuts, because she'll get doughnuts if she wants to
When she's going to the bathroom, never knock on the door
Don't be rowdy
Don't spend too much time on TV or iPods, especially at night 

It's fun to look back over this and see how almost every single thing up there still applies, even with the passing of time. Especially the one about my pillows. My kids will gladly tell you about my obsession with our expensive throw pillows and their proper care. 

Also, I'm totally okay with putting your finger in a cupcake it if is YOUR OWN cupcake. All other cupcakes and decorated baked goods, put your fingers away.


  1. I love this list!!! I want Jeremy to do this with my kids for me...I am curious what they would say ;)

  2. I can't help but try to picture the scenarios right before each kid learned the specific "don't" rule, LOL!

  3. Such an awesome list :) And also, that is a lovely picture of you and your kiddos. As beautiful as all the pictures you post are, I do enjoy seeing you on the other side of the camera!

  4. ^ I agree with everything she said above! I just read this list to my kids and they laughed! Then they hurried to grab "a giant piece of paper so we can write all these down"... thanks for the early Mother's Day present/writing activity. :)

  5. I need my kids to make a list like this! Imma tell Tim... ;) And I completely agree about the fingers in cupcakes! ha!

  6. Such a sweet family photo! They're all becoming so grown-up...but YOU are ageless.


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