April 8, 2014

The Best Days Of Our Lives

Ivy wanted to sit in my lap as we watched Carter's last performance in the youth theater production this Sunday. I hoisted her up and wrapped my arms around her. She told me to stop breathing in her ear.

Tuesday is our "day off." It's actually a work day for me but  for the kids, they don't have play practice, youth center, dance, or baseball. Basically, I pick them up from school and bring them home and we stay home and it's glorious. Yesterday was Monday. It was very much not a day off. I took Ivy to dance and then went to the wrong school to pick up the wrong kids.

Crater Lake 2014
Crater Lake

My parents were here for a visit during spring break and we had a blast. Here's a couple photos I had to include because they make me happy.

This is the path we take down to the ocean.

Ivy has taken to saying "This is the best day of my life!" pretty much every day and once I almost said you say that every day but stopped myself because she's a genius.


  1. yes. total genius. the 5 year old with us tends to say that, too. i totally believe her & i want to live like that, too.

  2. So glad you get today off! Your pictures are AMAZING and wish we were back there right now!!! Thank you for making it the best Vacation ever!

  3. So beautiful. I love that Ivy girl. And she is a genius. Libby and Elliott say that too and I love it. I hope they never stop.

  4. She is a genius! My five year old had circled all the days on the calendar, and I asked him how we would know which ones were the birthdays and the special days. He asked, "Why can't they all be special days?"

  5. AWWWW!!!!
    That last line. I just love it. Happy kids. Happy mama. Even when life is busy and crazy. Just as it should be. :)

  6. Wow, those pictures!!! You live in paradise!

  7. She really is genius. So happy your parents got to come for a visit!

  8. Brilliant! Her words...and the way you end blog posts. :)


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