January 10, 2014

Turning 37

First of all, it was just last week or so that I realized I would be turning 37 and not 38. For some reason I felt like I already was 37 all last year. So, in my head, I get a bonus year!

Because we celebrated my birthday early in Seattle, the only evidence of my actual birthday was on Facebook in the many well wishes on my timeline. Otherwise it was just a regular day.

Did school drop-off as normal, worked, and piddled around the house nothing special. My two best friends here swooped in and took me out to lunch and dessert (my very first drinking chocolate!) and then there was grocery shopping (two trips) and school pick up time. I made BLTs for the kids (their request) and bought mini cupcakes for them to eat because even though I don't like cake I felt like there just needed to be some sort of cake. In the evening I Skyped with my parents before I had to get to play practice.

I definitely noticed the monotony of my special day but also felt so proud of just what normal and ordinary means for me now. This family of six is grand, and so happy. I have a job I adore, friends in this new place who "get me", and I'm doing theater again... something my 16 year old self would be hoping I'd still be doing at this age. And actually I think back to my little girl self a lot lately and look at my life right now and hope it all fits into her big dreams. I think it does. That's a really fabulous feeling, and a great start to another really great year.

January 5, 2014

Let's Go For a Drive... Seattle

On a whim, we drove up to Seattle for the weekend as an early birthday celebration. It was all Jeff's idea- one that I was skeptical about at first but went along with- and I'm so glad I did.

We played it up as total tourists and it was awesome. We had the most beautiful weather.

Thank you, Seattle!

Outside the original Starbucks!

Lunch at Space Needle's SkyCity restaurant was the highlight of our trip. Incredible. I ate here many years ago on a trip with my dad, something I'll always treasure. It was more than surreal to be there with my own children. 

And as you can see, my favorite view was of my kids enjoying the sights. I didn't take one photo of the actual sights. And I have no regrets about that.

On our way home, the fam indulged me with a drive to Snoqualmie Falls. The cutest little town with spectacular views. Wow. 

Also on the way home, Sirius was playing the top 90 songs of the 90's. After lunch we happened upon it right as they started with number 90. It carried us all the way home (the song I knew the most words to was Ice Ice Baby) and we heard the number one song as we made it to the North Bend bridge, not too far from home. Perfect, perfect weekend in every way. 

January 1, 2014

January: 1