December 23, 2013

I'm Home for Christmas

It doesn't look like Christmas here. Oh, there are colorful lights and a zillion presents under the tree, but it feels like fall, and really kind of like we are floating in time.

Things are good, though. So good! Here we wear sweaters instead of coats and are far away from anything that resembles hustle and bustle. My nerves, they are happy.

Santa came for a visit on a boat, of course. A little different than his snowy arrival 
last year, but enchanting all the same.

We have no plans during winter break. My hope is that it just involves a lot of doing nothing. Also my kids are getting only throw pillows next Christmas. It's all they ever play with.

This holiday we've attended a tea party and I'm in a book club with people who make really good book club food. If you want to know for sure how I'm coming along with making friends... I have a friend who will drive 2-and-a-half hours one way with me to buy a hamster. He's living in my closet until Christmas morning.

Meet Jon Hammy.

Every day as the sun starts to sink lower into the ocean I go through the house and turn on all the lamps. I love lamp(s). And then every night before bed, I treasure the movement as I pad from room to room, to switch them off. Each one, click.


Merry Christmas xoxo