November 1, 2013

Sharing Time

Today I had an out of body experience. I was looking at myself driving down the 101, crazy cartoon lady hair, watching the clock as I hurried two gerbils to Sharing Time in Gray's classroom.

So many things. Aside from the crazy and the gerbils, we live less than two miles from basically anywhere in our entire town- and literally with only one stoplight in my normal path-  but I am still running late. People adjust. I've adjusted.

It wasn't a defining moment, and left very little imprint on my day. It was as if it was just part of the norm, as you do. Moving the minutes from one to the next. Here to there. What's one gerbil cage added to the list?

It was quite comical how short Sharing Time was compared to all that was required to get the gerbils there to be shared: I cleaned their cage and activity ball, drove them to school, signed in, applied my name tag, walked down to the class. Gray was pretty much like "here's my gerbils" and then went back to his seat. I'm seriously only exaggerating a smidge. I walked them back to the office, signed out, then took them home.

Then I felt a little guilty, like maybe I should have prepared him to speak in front of the class. He could have had some snappy facts about gerbils other than this one's black and they like to eat seeds. But he was happy nonetheless.

On the way I did see my first flooded cranberry bog and farmers wading through the harvest. And felt pleased that I'd piloted all four kids safely into Friday, we made it to the weekend, where all our time during the week is really being pushed toward, isn't it.

I am so happy we are all home and then am suddenly overcome with the life or death need for the house to just be quiet so that I can read my book.


  1. Kinda like allllll the hours (maybe 12?) we spent finding a homecoming dress for my daughter, and shoes, and undergarments, and jewelry...and then sewing bling on the dress, and her doing her hair, etc.... And it was done in 4 hours. Lovely fun tho. Must be a mom thing :)

  2. I so get it. Sometimes I just pray they go to sleep quickly so I can watch Parenthood on the DVR, like the entire episode without someone needing me.

  3. I am pushing toward the weekend a lot too, oh yes. And that last sentence, I feel that a lot too. You describe it so well...

  4. The gerbil chauffeuring is exactly the type of thing your children will remember that you did for them. Crazy cartoon lady hair and all! Love it.

  5. Gray's presentation sounds perfect! The most important facts were covered :)

  6. Oh yes, I have so done the 60 minute prep for 2 minutes of happiness. But if you consider life's small joys a nuisance, what's left, right? I too long for the weekend to spend with them and then long for them to take a nap so I can just finish this one chapter.

  7. I really want to see pictures of the flooded cranberry bog. Also, yes to all of this.

  8. I guess I'm a few months late in reading this post...LOL it was great anyways! Crazy hair and all.


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