November 28, 2013

A Time To Give Thanks


It was one year ago that we learned about the opportunity to move to the other side of the earth out here. I thought it was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard. We had just moved a state over like five seconds ago and I thought things were great! Surely that would hold us for a couple years or so, right? What is with this crazy talk about moving to some teeny tiny town in Oregon?

All our parents came for Thanksgiving and I made Jeff promise not to bring it up - I didn't want to upset my Mom and also, I thought there was no way no how that anything would come of this ridiculous idea.

Our life on the Oregon Coast

I underestimated my husband (how can he take such a risk!) and our children (how could they possibly survive moving schools again?) and our circumstances  — we still had a house for sale in Indiana and we had just signed a rental lease while we were house hunting in Ohio. I was scared.

I cried my heart out. I cried my face puffy.

It was a Saturday when I finally agreed to book a flight with Jeff to see what this was all about. Apparently he wasn't going to quit bringing it up. That night we got the winning offer on our house in Indiana. Suddenly life started to look a whole lot different. We were really going to do this. I literally went from searching homes for sale online in "Ohio" to "Oregon" in the matter of hours.

I found our house on Craigslist, a quarter mile from the Pacific Ocean. It's the only thing I've ever bought on Craigslist. I've loved every home I've ever lived in, but this one is a dream. I can hear the ocean from my couch as I type and as I lay my head down at night. We can see the bluest of blue waters from our windows.

This is our first Thanksgiving apart from our family, but we aren't sad and we aren't lonely. It's actually a really special time for us.

We are good here. We are really really good.

I am so thankful. I am on my knees heart on the floor thankful.


I can make my home anywhere. I fall in love with a place easy and become a big fan hard and fast. But this place has fallen in love with us. I can feel it in the people, in the friends, in our successes, in the spectacular sunrise over the mountains and the magnificent sunset into the sea.

I joke that I was practically brought here against my will and now I never want to leave. But if this whole thing has taught me anything, it's that who knows where you'll be in a year  — or in our case a matter of months.

Live what is in front of you right now, give thanks, and enjoy the view.

Our life on the Oregon Coast


  1. Love this. You make me want to move to Bandon so bad!


  2. I think this is one of my favorite posts...My heart swells with Joy that you are so happy. I miss you guys like crazy but I can't be sad knowing you are living your dream. And I will never forget our Ohio Thanksgiving! Maybe next year it will be an Oregon one! xxoo

  3. I really, really, super loved this post. I'm at a point in my life where I'm 7 months from finishing my masters and not having a clue where I'll end up getting a job. I so needed this reminder to just go with the flow and let it happen as it's meant to be. Beautiful post.

  4. I'm so glad you are happy! I've been reading this amazing book on St. Francis, and how "pruning" our lives of what we think we want gives us exactly what we need even if it less than we can imagine being happy with - less family, less familiarity, less space, less, less, less. We gain by being open to change, being loving and choosing to be happy. God bless on this Thanksgiving, Stephanie!

  5. So good, Steph! So happy that YOU'RE happy!

  6. Beautiful. Live what is right in front of you indeed. There is no joy like fall on your knees heart on the floor joy. xo.

  7. I totally know what you mean. When my husband started talking about moving I was NOT happy about it . . . but as it turned out, I love where we landed and shockingly, the kid I worried the most about loves it the most here. God knows!

  8. I love this - so glad you are loving where you are. Happy December!

  9. this is beautiful. all of it.

  10. I love this story! And I really love how the place has fallen in love WITH YOU. I've been writing, and rewriting, a memoir about how we moved from Charleston to Portland, Oregon (and back again). My experience was different... I'm fascinated with Oregon... there's a part of it that feels so familiar to me... but when I lived there, "home" felt so far away. But your oceanside town, your home (and the story of being dragged their against your will... ha) is so beautiful to me.

  11. Steph, one of the reasons that I have read your blog for so long is that I ALWAYS adore your outlook on things.

    And that I can usually relate in some way, of course. I thought moving to Louisiana was THE dumbest idea ever but now I would never change it. I get what you mean. In my heart parts, I totally get it. xoxo


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