September 16, 2013

Do Soccer Socks Go Over or Under the Shin Guards?

Soccer socks go over the shin guards, FYI.

When I was in high school, the Student Council had a rollerblade-a-thon or something like that through our town. I didn't have any rollerblades nor had I ever rollerbladed before but I asked for a pair and on that Saturday morning put them on and stumble-rolled my way along the really really long trail. I don't remember falling but I do remember thinking I was going to die and/or my legs were going to break off my body.

I am a jumper-in to things. Friendships, activities, volunteering, parenting, things that seem easy in my mind but later turn out to be, well, not easy. I can buy the gear, write the check, sign my name and I'll show up! I assume things will fall into place after that, you know? Why not wing it? How hard can it be? It's all good.

So, today I found myself googling about soccer socks and shin guards before Ivy's very first practice. She did great despite my inadequate knowledge of the any sport. She was on the field when I realized I'd never even mentioned you're not supposed to touch the ball with your hands. But my mini me figured it out just fine, and actually was pretty great.

Later tonight she was riding her new bike - I swear when we saw it in the store she went right up to it and got on like she knew what she was doing. I also think I could give her the keys to my car and she'd expect to just "know" how to drive it. She's five. - So, she went down her first big hill. And she picked up some speed and she fell. I was all "that was a great fall!" because it was. She fell well, to the side, and with a flourish. It didn't keep her from going down the next hill. And she didn't fall that time.

::just write::


  1. Aw, love it when kids just go for it! :) I was the same way!

  2. The cutest little soccer legs ever. Ivy has your determination and that's a good thing...

  3. that's all we can do. show up and fall down. get up.

  4. I have found that's how we learn, as adults and as children. You fall down, you get up, you repeat. And eventually, you get it.


  5. Those are quite simply the cutest legs on earth!!! Divine!!!


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