September 9, 2013

Dilly Dally

With children, a clean empty room just cannot be. They must- and will -fill it with something.

They are gatherers and worker bees. Must make piles of things. Collections, best left where you like to walk.

We cleared out our dining room of all its books and random stuff that wandered and sat there to make room for our new table and chairs, due any day now. I thought if we prepared its place it would come to us sooner. I wait patiently. The children have filled it with all the pillows off their beds.

Growing up, we had one place to eat dinner in our house. The kitchen table. And maybe on special or home-from-school-sick occasion, a real TV tray in the living room. Here we have the kitchen bar, breakfast nook, and dining room. I don't know where I'm going with this, but I was just thinking about our new home and how perfect I want to make each room and am trying to remember to adjust my focus to make each space live-able. And for all these places we have to sit down and eat we better be having people over. An empty house just can not be.

In the meantime I wait patiently.

::just write::


  1. It will be perfect in that space..and I can't wait to see it filled with delicious dishes and warm bodies sitting around it. I'm praying that some day soon, your dad and I will be sitting around it and enjoying our family...Anxious with you!

  2. Love it. We'd have filled it with pillows too. A fort of some kind would likely have sprung up as well. We spent 3 weeks living in our house without furniture, waiting for all thing things. Sometimes I miss the fun we had in the empty house...and not having anything to dust.

  3. We can't even fit around our table--my husband and I eat on the floor. At first the kids liked eating picnic style, but the novelty wore off quickly, and now it is a rush at mealtimes to get one of the coveted table spaces. The baby always gets his booster seat, though. We're waiting for our house to sell so that we can buy a new one with a large enough space for our family to eat together.

  4. My children in school today and as the cicadas really started buzzing I looked around at all their piles of stuff that I had to clean and suddenly I didn't want to.

    This resonates. I'm glad I popped over today to read your words.

  5. If you wrote a book, I would buy it. You are such a talented writer!



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