August 26, 2013

These new days

Evening stroll.

The kids still have another week until school starts and that makes me so thankful mostly because I'm still putting off sorting through the bags of school supplies over in the corner. So many.

My kids did not read all the books I had thought they would read during summer vacation. We did not walk to the beach for every sunset, and the xBox was probably on more than off. Now that I look back, I wonder just what exactly did we do the past two and a half months... but isn't that a summertime in childhood well spent? I'm going to say yes to that and move right along into a happy and productive rest of this year.

Within minutes of turning off all devices the other day, forts went up in the living room (and are still there). They used every blanket in the house and we have no place to sit now but you can crawl through some really cool tunnels. Whew, my kids aren't broken. I'm not worried.

So, we don't have a barn cat but we have had a fawn, skunk, turkey, and quail in our yard. One time there was a cat on our back patio but he ran off before I could offer him anything. And it's becoming normal to see whale spouts or sea lions swimming by when we go down to the water. That's pretty cool.

Tonight, besides this cheery sky and weather, I'm glad that I was so kind to myself to make enough dinner yesterday to have leftovers today. It's the little things.

*That photo is one I also posted on Instagram- where I seem to be more at peace than any other place online these days. I enjoy taking pictures of our life here.

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  1. Sounds like a summer very well spent. Enjoy the last moments of it!

  2. i love seeing these breathtaking moments of your life by the water. Of your admittance to the little things good and bad that make up our lives. i always love coming by your space steph. it feels very much like that wide open water to me here. xo

  3. This: "But isn't that a summertime in childhood well spent? I'm going to say yes to that and move right along." That's exactly how I feel, one week and 8 hours away from the first day of school. I can point to lots of big moments, but the little moments of lazy mornings, cereal for dinner, too many screens and late bedtimes are the summertime staples that make it all stick together.

  4. Beautifully said. Our summer feels likes a blur, it happened so fast. Enjoy your last week and squeeze as much beach as you can :-)

  5. We came nowhere near completing our summer "bucket list" either and sadly watched more TV and spent WAY more hours indoors than ever intended.

    But we also played with lots of sticks, dug in lots of dirt, and did all sorts of summer stuff as well. I think it's all about finding a happy medium!

  6. We *may* have spent a little too much time with devices this summer too. But we had some really amazing times with family, traveling and doing other things too. It all balances out. :)

    Lovely photo. I love the beauty of Instagram.

  7. Beautiful photo, wonderful words ;)

  8. Beautiful photo, wonderful words ;)

  9. I love your Instagrams so much. They are fairy tales.

  10. Sounds like a relaxing summer. And who says you have to take the tents down in the living room? I learned in my old age to not sweat the small stuff. And I agree that having left overs makes for a happy mom. Love this post!

  11. Whales and seals are better than barn cats (do you have a barn?), but I'm not so sure about a skunk. The work of children is play, at least that's what they said in college. So it looks like your children are doing their work in the best environment.

  12. So beautiful. Wishing you the very best of first days. XO


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