August 26, 2013

These new days

Evening stroll.

The kids still have another week until school starts and that makes me so thankful mostly because I'm still putting off sorting through the bags of school supplies over in the corner. So many.

My kids did not read all the books I had thought they would read during summer vacation. We did not walk to the beach for every sunset, and the xBox was probably on more than off. Now that I look back, I wonder just what exactly did we do the past two and a half months... but isn't that a summertime in childhood well spent? I'm going to say yes to that and move right along into a happy and productive rest of this year.

Within minutes of turning off all devices the other day, forts went up in the living room (and are still there). They used every blanket in the house and we have no place to sit now but you can crawl through some really cool tunnels. Whew, my kids aren't broken. I'm not worried.

So, we don't have a barn cat but we have had a fawn, skunk, turkey, and quail in our yard. One time there was a cat on our back patio but he ran off before I could offer him anything. And it's becoming normal to see whale spouts or sea lions swimming by when we go down to the water. That's pretty cool.

Tonight, besides this cheery sky and weather, I'm glad that I was so kind to myself to make enough dinner yesterday to have leftovers today. It's the little things.

*That photo is one I also posted on Instagram- where I seem to be more at peace than any other place online these days. I enjoy taking pictures of our life here.

just write

August 23, 2013



I was thinking about all the times I've burned the butter, or some other fail, and how writing it out always made me feel better. It quieted the hum, gave it closure. Move on.

I was thinking about it last night because, in fact, I did not burn the butter. I made a delicious soup - still adjusting to the August temperature here of sixty degrees and for the life of me I could not get warm enough - and it was uneventful. But it was, because it was good. For some reason that is less likely to go down in my history, although I have a knowing that my kids will be more likely to remember when their favorite dinners tasted good. At least that is my hope.


August 15, 2013

Sand In My Lint Trap

Coquille River Lighthouse

We brought more beach home with us this week than all the months we've lived here combined. I've already given up on my poor car - it's in a constant state of sand.

Bullards Beach w/ Friends

Bullards Beach w/ Friends

With each turn of laundry I shake the lint trap over a wastebasket. More beach. But how can I complain? (I did crawl into bed last night and stretched my hands against the cool sheets and under my pillow and more beach, in my bed.)

Fairy Village
fairy village

Last night Ivy said "Mom, fairies aren't actually real." And I was like, how do you know? She replied, "they just aren't." Again I asked how she knew for sure. "I read it in a book." Then she rolled over and went to sleep. She's four! And yes they are so real.

Devil's Kitchen

We said goodbye to our friends this morning, and felt full from a good time spent together. I'm a little jealous at the sights they will see on their journey home, and I turn my eyes to school supply lists and earlier bed times in the coming weeks. But you never know with us what surprises might be waiting around the corner, or wave, or sand hill.

These are the days when life is good, and we live it up.

August 12, 2013


Coquille Point, friends

Love's family is here! It's our first time having friends visit us way far away on the coast. The kids are in their glory, and so am I.

We went tide-pooling, had lunch at our house, overtook the neighborhood by bikes and skateboards and scooters and then went out for fish & chips for dinner, and an ice cream walk through Old Town Bandon. Oh, and then we drove to the jetty and saw whales! Absolutely perfect day. 

Friends In Town

Friends In Town

Friends In Town

Friends In Town
(they lined themselves up by age)

August 5, 2013

I Am In This Picture

Saturday night we were at an event at the CAM and the presenter was celebrated maritime artist John Stobart. He shared delightful stories about many of his incredible paintings and other artists he admired. He touched on the necessity to create in a way that people meet you when they experience your art, whatever your art might be.

And not one of his pieces that he shared was a portrait of himself, literally, but there was no doubt it was him.

I am in every picture I take. I am the reason these photos even exist. Just because you can't see my face doesn't mean that I am not there. I felt the moment, captured it, I was there. That is me. The mom is in the picture. Of course I want my kids to have photographic evidence of their mother through the years, and they do, and will.

They also have all my words, a more accurate reflection of me than any photo could ever be.

Four heads